Golf Course Design: Boca Raton Golf Club

Well before Jack Nicklaus officially retired from competitive golf, his company played an important role in designing a friendly, but highly competitive golf course at the Club at Boca Pointe.

Plush with rich-looking Bermuda fairways and Tiff-Eagle greens, the course offers wide fairways coupled with exceptionally challenging greens with ample distances for the low handicappers to appropriate distances for those in the middle of the pack.

There are six sets men’s tee and three sets of ladies’ tee to accommodate all levels of play.  Yardages for the men range from 6,876 to 5,267 yards and yardages for the women range from 5,882 to 5,198 yards.  However, at day’s end it’s not how you drive, but how you arrive at the picturesque Boca Pointe 18-hole course, Boca Raton golf club.

What may look surprisingly simple, the greens are considered the defining part the course with subtle and somewhat hidden undulations that provide the true test.

Boca Pointe’s signature hole is the 18th hole, a 498-par 5 from the tee visible from Powerline Road. This is a challenging hole even for the most skilled players.   A long tee shot will give the better players the option to either go for the green in two or lay up.  Those players in the middle of the field will play an equally challenging third or fourth shot over water to the undulated green guarded by bunkers and water.  This is a fun hole that can result in a very big swing in one’s score.

The sixth hole is the No. 1 handicap hole.  It is a long par 5 playing 534 yards from the tee.  The hole requires a straight tee shot that will make negotiating the water crossing the fairway much easier.  For those needing the extra fairway shot before attempting to clear the water, a challenge still remains as the hole is guarded by large bunkers from left, front right and to the rear.  Par on this hole is a victory.

Up for easy par 3s!  Not at Boca Pointe.  Each of the par 3s provide interesting challenges of its own either over water or needling through interesting greenside bunkers.  Then once you master that challenge then you face different undulations on each of the greens.

When all is said and done, this Nicklaus-company designed course plays different every single round so there is no chance of boredom.  Jack made sure of that!

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