Jordan Spieth, Tiger Woods, Chris Evert, Serene Williams, you better watch your backs!

The Club at Boca Pointe has launched its new Junior Sports Academy, featuring golf, tennis and special sports fitness programs. These teaching schools include Don Law Golf Academy and the Magallan Tennis Academy. The academies are open to the public and have already seen great interest.

“This has been in the works for some time,” says Helen Karpel, general manager of the Club at Boca Pointe, “and we finally put the finishing touches on the concept with the last piece being a golf program for juniors. Rather than the Club trying to build a program from scratch, we tied it into well-known, existing programs as an academy concept. It provides juniors a local place to learn and hone their athletics skills in either or both sports.

“Being open to the public, students do not have to live in the Boca Pointe community or be a member of the Club to participate. This aligns with our membership strategy that enables owners and renters in the Boca Raton area to join and enjoy all or part of our country club without living on the property.” explains Ms. Karpel.

For golf, the Club is excited to open a new junior academy for one of the largest teaching centers in Florida, Don Law Golf Academy. Don Law and his staff have been recognized by their peers, US Kids Golf, Golf Range of America, and the PGA of America, for their teaching and work with juniors. After helpful instructional learning at the Academy, juniors from ages 4 to 15 from beginners to advance level will enjoy the game of golf for a lifetime.

Their PGA and LPGA teaching professional staff have played college golf, professional tour events and have been recognized by the PGA with numerous awards. For skilled students, the Academy trains and prepares its students to achieve peak performance to play at the highest level of competition. For the beginner or less skilled student, the Academy teaches the fundamentals to make the golf course not so intimidating. In addition to developing technical skills, the Academy emphasizes the importance of achieving high academic standards for students to succeed in golf and throughout life. 

For tennis, the Club is excited to announce its partnership with the Magallan Tennis Academy, founded by Eleazar Magallan. Through Mr. Magallan’s coaching methods, juniors from ages 4 to 18 from beginners to advance level will enjoy the game of tennis whether socially or competitively.

Mr. Magallan is well-versed in the tennis world of college and competitive play. He was ranked 47th in singles and 12th in doubles in the International Tennis Association rankings. He was the Mexican champion in the 18s and ATP ranked in singles and doubles. He has been successfully running after school programs as well as a summer camp program at the Club at Boca Pointe for several years. For skilled students, the Academy prepares players to perfect their skills technically and strategically for the highest level of competitive play, while encouraging academic excellence. For the beginner or less skilled student, the Academy teaches the fundamentals and helps the student have confidence playing with friends and family. Boca Pointe’s new partnership with Academy complements Mr. Magallan’s existing programs at Boca Pointe’s new Sports and Fitness Complex.

While enhancing technical skills in these two sports are a primary goal, it is equally important for juniors to be physically trained properly. The Club at Boca Pointe is tied in with Excel Sports Performance (ESP), which has a strong track record for conditioning and preparing juniors for competitive sports regardless of whether or not the junior has aspirations of a college or professional career.

Benjamin Barrick is the fitness director for ESP. He is certified in sports conditioning and performance nutrition. He has actively assisted in the performance development of many current NFL, NBA, MLS, MMA, ATP, WTA and MLB players.

The Club at Boca Pointe is excited to offer its community this opportunity to get children and grandchildren involved in a meaningful summer athletic program. If you have an interest in signing-up your child or grandchild for one or both of these academies, please call 561-451-1128 for the Don Law Golf Academy or 561-929-1446 for the Magallan Tennis Academy.

The Club at Boca Pointe is a private, non-mandatory equity country club that offers equity and non-equity memberships. It is the home to a beautiful Main Clubhouse with two restaurants, a state-of-the-art Sports & Fitness Complex with a third restaurant, a newly renovated Championship Golf Course, a driving range and short game complex, 16 well maintained Har-Tru tennis courts, along with a robust social program. The membership programs available are designed to fit everyone’s lifestyle—whether its 12-months a year or seasonal. Please call membership at 561-864-8539 to learn more.



Take a guess as to what is the hottest attraction at the Club at Boca Pointe right now. If you guessed the new Sports and Fitness Complex, you would be spot on!

It is the place to be; it is the place to be seen; it is THE PLACE on campus.

gymAs soon as you walk into the new complex the exciting energy can be felt. It is jumping with the new state-of-the-art fitness equipment in use, the many diverse aerobic classes humming, the aquasize classes splashing, and the bikes spinning. Want a pedicure or manicure … maybe a massage, those services are in demand, too.aerobics room

After a good workout, The Freshe Pointe Café & Patio has become a popular destination. It offers delicious specialty salads, wraps and sandwiches as well as a kids’ menu.

What more can you ask for as the Club at Boca Pointe enters the “dawning of a new era” for its members! Have you visited the new Sports & Fitness Complex, yet? If not, we encourage you to call 561-864-8551 to set up an afternoon tour and see what all the buzz is about.

Boca Pointe has many membership options to meet your lifestyle interests, whether you are a year round Floridian or seasonal. We welcome you to call membership at 561-864-8539 to learn more!


Okay, you want a fitness challenge? How about trying a “Walk Across Florida” as part of your activities?

That’s right, from the Club at Boca Pointe to Tallahassee and down to Key West! Think you can do it? All it takes is to register at the new Sports and Fitness Complex as a member of the Club at Boca Pointe to be part of this new program!

Oh, forgot to mention…you can do this without ever leaving the new Sports and Fitness Complex! “It’s a little simpler than it sounds,” says Sherri Giannone, director of athletics for the Club.

“First, registration started July 1. Once you register, then you begin to log your mileage daily by exercising on any of the following equipment: treadmill, elliptical or recumbent bike. A one-hour spin class counts as 20 miles and a half-hour spin class counts as 10 miles.

“At the end of your workout, simply tell the staff how many miles you log during your session and they will post it on a state-long map of Florida. This will test your fitness levels as you make your way across the Sunshine State,” explains Ms. Giannone.

If you are not yet a member at the Club at Boca Pointe, joining is simple, too. Call the membership department on weekdays at 561-864-8539 to learn about the many options available to meet your lifestyle interests. This Boca Raton COuntry Club, Boca Pointe even has memberships for seasonal Floridians! Want to see the new Sports and Fitness Complex first? Simply, call 561-864-8551 to set up a tour. This is your time, join today!


The Chinese have made major inroads in various parts of our society…some good, some controversial and some very, very interesting.

One of the more interesting areas of Chinese influence is coming to the new Sports and Fitness Complex at the Club at Boca Pointe with the introduction of Qi Gong Yoga Classes in July.

That’s right, QI Gong…a yoga/energy class to be held on Wednesdays from 10:30 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. on July 15, 22 and 29.

“Our new Sports and Fitness Complex has been very inviting to our membership,” says Sherri Giannone, director of athletics at the Club at Boca Pointe.

“One of our goals is to constantly provide our membership with new opportunities to keep their bodies and minds active and in shape. We are attracting many new members to the facility, and we are developing new programming to meet their goals, needs and wishes.”

Qi Gong is a gentle form of exercise that helps improve health and overall well being. Qi Gong (pronounced CHEE-GONG) can be traced back 4,000 years to ancient China. “Qi” is simply the Chinese word for energy, and “Gong” means skill that is cultivated through steady practice. So, put together, “Qi Gong” means “cultivating the body’s vital energy,” and then using it to heal and strengthen every system throughout the body. There are three main elements to Qi Gong exercise:
–slow, fluid movements that stretch and strengthen
–deep breathing
–a meditative state of mind
The exercises found in Qi Gong involve gentle, rhythmic movements, mirroring movements found in nature, such as the lapping of water or blowing of wind. Water, for instance, flows effortlessly along the path of least resistance, and Qi Gong teaches us to move our bodies in a similar fluid motion, minimizing the risk of injury, while maintaining balance and focus. Sometimes the exercises are named after various animals, such as bird, bear, monkey, tiger, and deer.

“Our membership is changing and they are looking for new ways to keep their minds and bodies healthy. Programs like Qi Gong not only achieve those goals but also are very appealing to younger people who are moving into the Boca Pointe community,” she added.

Boca Pointe has many membership offerings, both equity and non-equity, for year-round and seasonal members. If you are not a member, yet, call 561-864-8539 to learn more about what membership will best suit you!

GOLFERS’ DILEMMA: PUTT OR CHIP FROM OFF THE GREEN! Club at Boca Pointe Master PGA Pro Offers His Adice from this Boca Raton Golf Club

BOCA POINTE 220 golf double men sandtrap
The Golfers’ dilemma: to chip or putt from just off the fringe of the green! Better golfers, i.e., low handicappers, usually have more faith in their chipping ability, whereas high handicappers might feel more comfortable with the putter, says Buck Deibel, director of golf at the Club at Boca Pointe.

“There is no right or wrong choice. It is just a matter of preference,” says Mr. Deibel, PGA Master Professional.

“There are two key elements to consider. First, of course, is the condition of the grass from which you decide to putt. If it is smooth, with very little bumps, it might be worth a try putting, like even some of the pros do. Second, of course, is your own comfortable level with the putter or chip shot.

“If you elect to putt from the fringe or even slightly further back, depending on the course conditions, grip the putter using your normal putting grip. Set up as if you were going to chip the ball with the ball position off your right toe, weight on your left side, and the hand of the club forward at address. Instead of a normal putting stroke, strike the ball with a slightly descending blow. This puts top spin on the ball and causes the ball to hop which is much more effective when putting through the fringe. In most cases, you strike the ball with the same amount of force that you would normally use when putting from the green.”

You can try all the tricks of the trade on your own, but if you are like most, a private lesson makes it much easier to learn. Boca Pointe encourages you to leverage Mr. Deibel’s Master PGA professional expertise, or one of his qualified professional teaching staff, to improve your game. Call 561.864.8522 to set up an appointment today.

The Club at Boca Pointe offers residents and non-residents of the Boca Pointe community the opportunity to become a member. The membership offerings are designed to help you define your own lifestyle. The Club offers both equity memberships and non-equity memberships that are attractive to seasonal residents and year-round Florida residents. The offerings include social, tennis and golf options. Call membership today to learn more at 561.864.8539.


BOCA-POINTE 125 (2)“The number one mistake at the net: Over hitting your forehand volley. The Fix: Do not take such a large backswing,” says Gabriel Neacsu, director of tennis at the Club at Boca Pointe, where 16 Har-Tru tennis courts are kept busy with individual and league play.

“Think of your forehand volley as 80% footwork and 20% your racket. Everyone naturally over-hits his or her dominant side. Keep your racket inside your peripheral vision and keep your body moving through the shot. That way the mass of your body will help add power with control to your forehand volley. Also, it is very distracting and intimidating when your opponent sees you moving forward.”

Neacsu oversees a very robust tennis program that offers members a wide variety of opportunities on the 16 well-manicured tennis courts. There is plenty of open play where Neacsu’s staff can help members find games at their own level or help place members at the proper level for men and women’s league play, which includes countywide competitions with other country clubs in the area.

Lessons from the former Romanian doubles champion, or any of his staff, are always available whether it is for beginners or players who need a brush up on one or more aspects of their game. If you are a Tennis enthusiast, call the Club at Boca Pointe, a Boca Raton tennis club, today at 561-864-8539 to learn more about the tennis memberships available to you today!






Elvis is in the house! But, Neil Diamond was here first as far as the Club at Boca Pointe is concerned. These two performers are just part of the excitement that continues to “WOW” Boca Pointe’s memberships, even though the “season” is over.



Of course, these performers are not the real McCoy; however, they are the best of the lookalikes and sound-alikes! In fact, “Neil Diamond” is so popular that he had to play two nights at the Club at Boca Pointe, as a returning performer at the Club from last year. Every dinner show is sold out almost as soon as the reservation system opens.

“We operate the Club on a 12-month calendar even though many of our members leave for their Northern homes during the summer months,” says Helen Karpel, general manager of the only club in South Florida where members can define their own lifestyle for specific number of months. Boca Pointe is a non-mandatory equity country club, which means it offers equity and non-equity membership options for residents and non-residents of the community.

Aligned with the entertainment side, many of Boca Pointe’s “clubs within a club” operate with a “business as usual” mind-set in off-season, including the newest “What’s Up” club, which has a schedule of speakers monthly on riveting topical subjects. This group has taken off from its first meeting, welcoming members to enjoy being enlightened by experts in various fields.

In addition to entertainment, the Club has highly active card/Mahjongg rooms humming with the traditional games for the serious to casual player. If outdoors is your thing, Boca Pointe also has very active golf and tennis programs to enjoy.

Adding to the popularity of Boca Pointe is the new hot spot: the Sports and Fitness Complex. “We are seeing members who never set foot in the Club’s original Athletics Center beginning to workout. The facility is fast becoming a popular destination for members and their guests,” adds Karpel.

If you have not visited the Club at Boca Pointe, yet, we welcome you to call 561-864-8539 to set up an appointment with membership to learn about the flexible membership options and take a tour of the main clubhouse and call 561-864-8551 to set up an afternoon tour to see the beautiful Sports & Fitness Complex.


In the movie, Air Force One, Harrison Ford, playing the president, shouts to the villain: “Get off my plane.”

At the Club at Boca Pointe, Buck Deibel, the Director of Golf, is shouting to the weeds: “get off my golf course.”

With that challenge, Deibel, following the mandate from the general manager, Helen Karpel, has begun the assault on the weeks that live primarily in the rough of the championship 18-hole golf course.

“I would call it a full court press…a frontal attack. We want the weeds off our course. We’ve met with the top agronomists from our maintenance team and they’ve donned their battle gear.

“Last year, we replaced the front nine fairways with Celebration grass and we are beginning to see the benefits as we enter the growing season. We will plant Celebration grass on the back nine after the heavy-duty battle is waged against the weeds.

“By the time we re-open the back nine and the time when many of our members return in October, the course will be green with envy!”

In addition to the beautifully designed golf course at this Boca Raton golf club, the Club at Boca Pointe has a new state-of-the-art Sports & Fitness Complex, three dining destinations, two lounges, 16 Har-Tru tennis courts, card rooms, robust social calendar, and a friendly environment. Boca Pointe invites you to call 561-864-8539 to learn more about its flexible membership programs.


Boca Pointe is alive and kicking…the Club at Boca Pointe is in its “dawning of a new era” phase and the community as a whole is the talk of Boca Raton. The sense of pride is oozing among residents and members from the moment you drive through any of the magnificent new gates to the moment you step foot in the newly opened Sports and Fitness Complex or walk through the beautiful main lobby of the clubhouse to enjoy its many offerings.

Boca Pointe is the place to live and play! As a non-mandatory equity country club, there are many membership options available to you to have access to the Club’s amenities. The flexibility in Boca Pointe’s membership programs has generated much enthusiasm and interest! Whether you are retired or still working full or part-time, there are membership programs to meet your unique lifestyle interests.

By far, our hottest non-equity option is the Premier membership. This membership embodies the very essence of designing your own lifestyle. You are able to select among eight levels of activity. All eight categories include full social privileges at the Club, with the option to take purely a social membership or adding tennis and golf in some combination.

For the seasonal to year round resident, the Premier membership conveniently allows the member to start with as few as three consecutive months the first year of membership to realize how much they love it and as few as four consecutive months the second year and thereafter. The same eight categories are available to seasonal and year round Premier members. This membership offers flexibility to remain as a Premier member indefinitely. When a Premier member becomes a year round resident, this membership offers an easy transition to equity ownership if that is of interest.

Once you join, the fun will begin! First, what do we mean by social privileges? Our Premier members can fill their calendar from a very robust list of fun events. They include prime seating at the Broward Center for Broadway shows, a Showtime Series at the Club that features a wide variety of talent from music to comedy to impressionists, Marlins-Mets baseball games, art exhibits, overnight trips, a cruise, classical concert series, seminars, FAU lecture series, dance lessons, dinner dances, art classes, book club, and the list goes on and on.

Do you enjoy cards or Mahjongg? Well, Boca Pointe is the place for you! Our members are passionate about their games, whether social or competitive. Bridge, Canasta, Gin, Poker, Pinochle, we have it all! If you are a little rusty or want to get to the next level, we even have card lessons available. It is fun and offers a great forum to get to meet up with friends and meet new friends.

Did I mention the food? The food at the Club at Boca Pointe is exquisite and serves as another main attraction for members! Both our Main Dining Room, which seats close to 300 members and their guests, and Grand Café serve dinner on various nights throughout the year. There are three basic offerings: a fixed menu, daily specials, and a buffet that is often themed. Friday and Saturday are sure to bring smiles as there is entertainment in the lounge that can be enjoyed before and after dining. Happy Hour is offered six days a week, with a complimentary spread of appetizers and specially priced drinks. Members can relax and mingle, with laughter heard throughout the room. The Grand Café also serves a delicious lunch menu and Sunday Brunch.

Maybe all this sounds great to you, but you are thinking, “I’m really more into sports.” Boca Pointe is for you, too!

We have a beautiful, new Sports & Fitness Complex that is filled with choices from state-of-the-art cardiovascular equipment, free weights, aerobic type classes, spinning, and a teen activity center. Want a pedicure or manicure nearby your home? You will find daily spa services available for your convenience. Outside the complex, you will enjoy a large pool, Aquasize classes, hot tub, and splash deck for the kids. When you are ready for a break, the Freshe Pointe Café & Patio is steps away for casual eating.

Coupled with all of these privileges, members can enjoy tennis play on Boca Pointe’s 16 well maintained Har-Tru tennis courts and golf play on our newly renovated 18 hole championship golf course. Both tennis and golf offer social and competitive league play. From the beginner to experienced player, professionals are available to give lessons and encourage you to enjoy the game.

In addition to the Premier membership, the Club at Boca Pointe has several other flexible membership options you may want to consider. Residents can design a membership to best suit their lifestyle.

Recently introduced for new members, Boca Pointe offers Family Sports and Family Sports & Golf memberships to cater to the working person who wants to be active before and after work. This is an afternoon type of membership with access to the different sports departments at varied times, including tennis, the Sports & Fitness Complex, and golf. It also grants access to the main clubhouse’s “To-Go” menu and dinner one time a month on a designated Thursday. It is a great opportunity to get energized in the fitness complex before work or unwind after a hard day of work.

How about the resident who is rarely in South Florida or is too busy to take advantage of a full membership? For new members, Boca Pointe offers a unique 30 day membership to be utilized over a one year period. This membership includes access to all the amenities, based on availability, other than social and special events. It allows the “snowflake” Floridians to enjoy an equity country club environment during their short stay in Florida.

Isn’t this is a very exciting time for the whole community! With the community pride and enthusiasm running so high, we encourage you to call the membership department at 561-864-8539 to learn more about the buzz around the country club. You are also welcome to call 561-864-8551 to schedule an afternoon tour of the new, fabulous Sports & Fitness Complex. We’re just around the corner … there is no better time to visit the Club and define YOUR membership today!


summer-at-lonely-beach-1440x9001What does the summer season mean to the Club at Boca Pointe?

“Nothing really changes as our members remain well served, well fed, and entertained,” proclaims Helen Karpel, general manager of the Club at Boca Pointe, where the action never stops.

“True, many of our members are snowbirds and have left for their other residences. However, we are seeing members staying longer and more and more members making the commitment to remain in South Florida full time.

“Summer is traditionally a time that we can take a deep breath and bask in the successes of the season, while enjoying the members who remain during the off-season. This last season we set records in our dining area both for member dinners/lunches as well as catering. We do alter our dining schedule ever so slightly in off-season to reflect the number of members enjoying the club over the summer months, but the menus remain robust and the food delicious!

“A testimony of how wonderful it is to dine at Boca Pointe is the summer reciprocity program that we share among exclusive country clubs in the Palm Beach and Broward counties. We find many members from the mandatory equity country clubs often choosing the Club at Boca Pointe as their main place to dine. Friday nights are especially appealing because of our entertainment in the lounge that complements to excellent food and service, as well as catering Boca Raton.

“Throughout off-season, our social calendar of special events continues with a stream of entertainment. We have a full schedule of golf even though we are completing the renovations on the back nine. Not only do we have social golf, but we have numerous leagues going on for the men and women. Same for our tennis programs!

gym“The big draw continues to be our new Sports and Fitness Complex where we are seeing members who have never worked out before. They are trying the equipment, attending aerobic and spinning type classes, or using the pool area as their destination to meet their friends”

The Club at Boca Pointe is the place to be, a Boca Raton golf and tennis c lub… the members are friendly and the amenities state-of-the-art. We welcome you to call 561-864-8539 to learn more about the many membership offerings, which include both equity and non-equity programs