EPSON MFP imageWhen members (our seasonal/snowbirds members) are away, work continues at full speed at Boca Pointe, be it the Club in particular or the community in general.

When they members return in the Fall, they will get a major “wow” when they look at what transpired during the Summer months.

By the time most members return, they will see the new Sports and Fitness Center taking its final shape with the “ready to open” sign in the wings, waiting to be placed on the front door and, of course, new gates and landscaping throughout the Community.

“What’s happening in the Boca Pointe Community and the Club at Boca Pointe is certainly more than a fresh coat of paint! It is truly the Renaissance of the Boca Pointe Community, and the Dawning of a New Era for the Club at Boca Pointe, says Helen Karpel, General Manager of the Club.

“All this is a signal to the Club that we need to revisit all aspects of our membership offerings so that we can develop products that enable our new residents to define their lifestyle by participating in activities that suit their personal needs,” says Ms. Karpel.

“We are leaving no opportunity unturned. In fact, I invite any suggestions from residents who live in Boca Pointe, but are not members. We develop new membership programs that enable residents to define their lifestyle especially when leisure time is a precious commodity to working families. Please do not hesitate to contact me at with any suggestions you may have.”

The opening of the new Sports and Fitness Center will be the crown jewel of the major makeover of the Club that both equity and non-equity members continue to have a love affair complex boca pointe

In addition to the new Sports and Fitness Center, a new irrigation system for the golf course will be functioning by the end of the Summer as well as new fairways on the front nine, with the back nine scheduled for next year.

“It’s been amazing for me to see all these changes,” she says “We completed the renovations of the dinning room, banquet rooms, card rooms, ladies golf locker room and least but not least was the completion of a new lobby. And we’re not finished by a long shot.”


BOCA POINTE 196golfcart

How would you like to play golf on a beautiful Golf Force, a division of Jack Nicklaus Golf Services, Inc., designed championship golf course course in a private country club setting where you can define your own membership?

Of course you would! Who wouldn’t?

That is exactly what awaits golfers at The Club at Boca Pointe…a non-mandatory equity country club that has created unique membership categories where you can design your membership around your own, unique lifestyle! You can enjoy the golf course year-round or customize your membership to the number of months you want to play.

Members find The Club at Boca Pointe conveniently located with beautiful amenities and a friendly atmosphere! The country club caters to both seasonal residents and year-round Floridians. The unique membership opportunities welcome everyone regardless of where someone lives in South Florida or how many months a person is spending in the area.

You don’t have to live at Boca Pointe to play at the Club!

Boca Pointe’s memberships range from Annual Golf, for those purely interested in the golf amenities with lunch and lounge privileges, to the Club’s flexible Premier program, for those who are seasonal to full-time residents in South Florida. The Premier membership includes full usage of the Athletics Center, pool, card rooms, endless social events, and dining facilities, along with full privileges to play tennis and golf, driven by the membership category chosen. The Premier member is able to enjoy all of this with a membership for as few as three consecutive months! SONY DSC

What can a golf member expect? The Golf Program at the Club is robust and caters to all levels of play. Not only is there inviting and friendly social golf on a daily basis, but there is individual and team competitions for the more competitive-minded players.

Year-round, golf members have an opportunity to enjoy Sunday Monthly Mixers that combine fun team competition with a fabulous social dinner afterwards. These Mixers bring much laughter and new friendships! For special occasions, such as Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, the event is often playfully attached to a theme. They also host such highly popular tournaments as the Member-Guest and Governors’ Cup that creates golf memories for a lifetime.

In the season (November through April), members can enjoy weekly competition through the ladies and men’s golf leagues, which includes both eighteen and nine-hole competitive play. During the off-season, members can continue to participate in various ladies and men’s summer leagues, as well as some leagues that compete with other clubs in the area.

This is an extremely exciting time for The Club at Boca Pointe. It is the dawning of a new era as the Club proudly continues to progressively upgrade its many amenities, including:

➢ NEW Main Dining Room & Lounge
➢ NEW Banquet Rooms
➢ NEW Main Lobby
➢ NEW Ladies’ Golf Locker Room

AND, the upgrades currently underway:

➢ NEW Sports & Fitness Complex
➢ NEW Golf Course Irrigation, Fairways, Tee Boxes, and Cart Paths

“What makes golf play at The Club at Boca Pointe a truly unique experience is the coming together of our golf community. Blending equity golf members with non-equity golf members really puts us on a different playing field,” says Buck Deibel, Director of Golf and one of the few Master PGA Teaching Pros in the area.

“We had a great group of seasonal members this past year from all over North America. We were able to find good games for them, matching their skill set with our year round members or other seasonal members. It worked extremely well from both a competitive golf perspective and social golf. With this easy assimilation, we see this seasonal membership concept continuing to grow for several reasons: the quality of our golf course, the dynamic programming we offer, and the friendly blending of the total golf community at Boca Pointe,” he adds.

We all know how busy life can get and time is precious! The Club at Boca Pointe offers these diverse memberships to help its members get the most pleasure and enjoyment out of each and every day! Please learn more by visiting their website at or calling membership at 561.864.8539.

The Club at Boca Pointe is Filled with Precious Nuggets…


Boca Pointe is a jewel chest filled with precious nuggets. When my husband, Harvey dragged me to this Florida Country Club, I went kicking and screaming, but decided to tolerate it for no more than three months. The change, however, was almost instantaneous. First it was people – so many bright, friendly, incredibly high quality people – welcoming us, many of whom turned into warm friendships. My favorite pastimes, golf and bridge were more and more easily available. My nubie anxiety melted away, and I feel at home.

The quality of service at the club is impressive. I remember the first day I played golf. Buck and Laurie were super responsive to our needs. Chef Terry and his staff have gone the extra mile too. Just yesterday I had a very yummy Vegan Pad Thai. How nice is that? A cut above my usual Romaine salad. Club activities are richer than German Chocolate Cake. One gem is Pat Cohen’s monthly book group. Not only are her picks literary, delightful reads, but the discussions are wonderfully engaging. The piece de resistance is our own John Black who superbly organizes our duplicate & supervised bridge games. I dare not omit mentioning Jane Young, a great asset who has included us in some memorable theater experiences.

We are entering our fourth season, ensconced in our beautiful new nest with the distinction of providing us a daily show of the night sky in all its glory – including New Year’s Eve fireworks. We have been transformed into delighted snowbirds with Floridian passports, and a datebook full of superb activities, and new dancing shoes. Nothing can match the simple pleasure of sitting down to a good meal, a glass of Malbac, and stimulating conversation with people that you really like. In fact, after three years, we are still meeting fine folks. We feel so lucky to be members of this spectacular community right here in Boca Raton. Boca Pointe, I love you! Who knew?

By: Rita Bigel-Casher

Camp Boca Pointe Runs a Busy Schedule All Year

Remember the days when you put the kids on the bus as they anxiously, yet excitedly, awaited the fun with friends at summer sleep aways; remember the joy of visitors’ day or the August return? Of course, you do!

Well, now it’s your turn to fill your calendar with laughter and smiles at Camp Boca Pointe! This is not a creative play on words as we have had numerous members tell us as they depart for The North that this has been camp for them! This description captures the culture of Boca Pointe so well!

Those members who live up north for part of the year travel to Camp Boca Pointe to get away from the cold northern winters…and this year, it is truer than ever! Once on the camp grounds of Boca Pointe, new friends are met and long-time friends are reestablished as the warm sun shines and camaraderie is in the air. Camp Boca Pointe does not disappoint with activities for all to fill up each day with reasons to get out of the cabin and make wonderful memories.

Time flies by and suddenly the weather report reminds us that there is an inkling of warmth in the northern air and travel plans are imminent. Just like our kids, it is a good feeling to know that it is time to reconnect at home, yet disappointing to leave the fun calendar of events and friendships until the next year.

For year-round Florida residents, the enjoyment is like a stream that keeps flowing. Camp Boca Pointe’s season DOES NOT end when the sun shines in The North because the sun shines year round in South Florida! Activities continue to thrive throughout the year with special events, special dinners and sports activities.

Traditionally, the Passover and Easter holidays in the spring mark the “end of the season.” According to Helen Karpel, general manager of The Club at Boca Pointe, “That had been generally true, but now we are seeing a trend toward the need for more activities all year long. Many of our members are staying at The Club longer than ever (the colder it stays up north, the more members love it down south), and more northerners are moving to South Florida full time.”

“March and April are two of our busiest months with year-end season events coming to a close. Now, however, The Club is busy with an exciting array of activities 12 months a year. Members at Camp Boca Pointe during the summer months are kept as active as they want to be through social events, cards, board games, shows, golf, and tennis competitions.” explains Ms. Karpel. Camp Boca Pointe, she says, runs 12-months a year. “No rest when it comes to having fun!”

Through its flexible membership programs, The Club at Boca Pointe is where you can define your own lifestyle by choosing the number of months and types of activities in which you wish to participate. Isn’t it time for you to check out our friendly and active campground!?!


Mmm..._crawfish_etouffee_(8027860063)Cafe_du_Monde_New_OrleansChefs working in the public restaurant sector usually have a free hand to showcase their culinary talents as long as dishes are kept within the establishment’s theme. In the world of country clubs, however, executive chefs have to be more discerning about satisfying the palates of a wide cross-section of members. Yet, Boca Pointe’s chefs never disappoint!

Once in a while, the country club chef is given the opportunity to go beyond the mainstream, delicious dishes to present a new extra-ordinary menu of delights. Such was the case at The Club at Boca Pointe when the Adventurers’ Club (a club within a club of nearly 200 members) held its annual end of the year dinner-dance.

No it wasn’t the usual bill of fare…on this night, it was New Orleans Night…a challenge that Executive Chef Terry Daniels welcomed and took upon himself. He created the robust menu and, as always, presented the theme flawlessly!

For openers at the cocktail hour, members feasted on coconut shrimp with remoulade sauce, Andouille puffs with creole mustard, vegetable dim sum with soy dipping sauce, and warm Brie canapé with wild mushroom fricassee.

Then, if you were still hungry by dinner time, you were offered Mediterranean mussels mixed with Andouille sausage, tomato concasse, thyme, slivered garlic, white wine, creole butter, fresh corn and roasted potatoes with a basket of garlic butter.

This was followed by shrimp etouffee with red beans and rice; jerk chicken breast sliders, smoked baby backed ribs, bourbon short ribs with soft polenta, chicken francaise, cauliflower puree, and steamed broccoli with citrus butter.

When you sat back filled to your heart’s content, out came the sweet stuff consisting of banana beignets with vanilla ice cream, bread pudding and bourbon sauce, and madeleine cookies—all New Orleans style, of course, accompanied by traditional fresh fruit.

This is how The Club at Boca Pointe defines country club living…whether it is daily dining or special events, extra-ordinary tender loving care is given to every meal!


Golf courses are closing all over the country!

Golf rounds are down for the most part!

Guess what’s happening at the Club at Boca Pointe!

Plenty of action from the number of rounds being played to various re-construction plans.

Re-construction of the golf course along with the building of a new Sports and Fitness Complex!

So what’s happening at the Club at Boca Pointe?


It’s a happening place…a happening to place to be a member…full time or seasonal.

Watch for the next blog on where the action is.

Boca Raton Golf Club

What Boca Pointe Club Members are Saying About the Food

This is what we always hear whenever we mention that we live in Boca Pointe and are members of the Club. Is it true? You bet it is!! But it also extends to the entire staff as well. During our 17 years as Club members, our children have held three Bar Mitzvah celebrations here, along with a baby naming, and countless other celebrations as well. Add to this the many business holiday parties, sales meetings and family gatherings and it is obvious that we are one of the most satisfied “customers” the Club could have.

Working with the staff is an absolute pleasure. They have been able to take all the work, worry and anxiety out of hosting any type of affair or event. Not only just the planning, but that extends to the entire staff who are right there to make sure that everything goes smoothly and well.

Now add to this, the extraordinary food experience. We know that our guests will always walk away raving about the food that they get here. Our most recent Bar Mitzvah in February drew absolute raves from our guests. Our children were treated to a food sampling dinner where they were able to sample what they planned to serve. Their selections were outstanding and our family and friends still talk about it.

All in all, you absolutely can’t beat the experience of a Boca Pointe Club meal, party or affair. Our three children and eight grandchildren all live here in Boca, and without exception their favorite treat is when we invite them to dine with us at the Club.

As a matter of fact, one of the best testimonials comes from one of our grandsons, who is ten years old. At dinner one evening at the club, we introduced him to Chef Terry. Our grandson, un-coached, told him that he wished he lived at Boca Pointe, because that way he could eat here every day!! “You can’t beat the food at Boca Pointe.” You bet that’s right, only we’d just add you can’t beat the service either. Thanks to our entire staff!!
H. & M. Nelles

I LOVE MY LIFE at the Club at Boca Pointe

I think back to the wonderful, hectic, busy years of raising our family and teaching. We woke up at the crack of dawn, commuted over the Tappan Zee Bridge to The Bronx…& were exhausted before that 1st bell rang starting the school day at 7:50 A.M! I loved teaching…but my life began when I got home. Very busy, hectic years.

… and we fantasized about retiring one day
… about moving to Florida
… about sitting in rockers on our “porch”
… and growing “old” together!

But, I never imagined living at “Camp Boca” (Thank you Eiloo Wayne for encouraging us to take a Trial Memebership !!!)…where everyday is filled with friends and fun! …

I love my tennis…I love my tennis buddies, my clubs, …and my games…my drills…& my Team (yeah Claymates!)

I love my Adventurer’s Club… my trips, my events, my friends!
Our Square Dance was great!

& I love my Baby Boomer’s Club! Happy Hour, Dancing, House Parties, Boat Rides, Bowling…

& I love the Pap Cops, the Dinner Dances, the people!

… I love my canasta games
– with my girlfriends
– as couples
– having dinner
– having lunch
– winning money?
– losing money?

… I love my mahjongg
– eating with my buddies
– playing with my buddies
– going to Ellyn’s for 3 days-
– winning money? (rarely)
– losing money? (often!)

Oh well- it’s all part of what makes my life at Boca Pointe feel so good! You make me happy-… all of you… each and everyone of you make me smile! The staff, the Maitre D’s, Chef Terry, the waiters, the catering staff, the Athletic Center staff, the instructors, the Bartenders, the Cardroom attendants….I could go on and on! I love my life! Thank you Boca Pointe!!!

Ronni Ratsprecher

Great Things Happening at the Club at Boca Pointe

Thursday, April 10th, “Bring any guest to Dinner” in the Main Dining Room. On this day, a member can bring ANY guest (a member [either single or married] may bring a couple as their guests) FOR DINNER. On this day, the guest rules DO NOT apply. A guest can be a Boca Pointe resident or a relinquished member regardless of where they live or when they resigned from the Club [relinquished member must have left in good standing]. The invited guests must be having dinner, not just Happy Hour.

Thursday, April 10th, at 5:00pm in the Grand Cafe Lounge there will be a Wine Tasting. Enjoy wine samples served with assorted cheeses! There will be a wine representative discussing the wines. Cost is $20 all inclusive. Reservations are open. Space is limited to 40 and there are no cancellations.

Passover Seder Dinners will be Monday, April 14th and Tuesday, April 15th at 6:30 pm. Adults are $46 per person and children are $23 per person. Dress is jackets or elegant casual. Reservations are open for Tuesday night only. No cancellations after April 4th.

There will be another great Lynn Concert on Sunday, April 13th, at 3:00pm in the Palms Terrace. Two fabulous artists; cellist, Doniyor Zuparov, and pianist, Feruza Dadabaeva, will be performing. Reservations are open and cost is $8. No cancellations and guests are welcome!

Annual Easter Egg Hunt will be on Saturday, April 19th, in the Athletics Center from 10:00am to noon. The Easter Bunny will be available from 10:00am to noon for photos. There will be two (2) egg hunts at 10:30am; children between the age of 2 and 4 years old will meet at the playground and children between the age of 5 and 12 years old will meet in the courtyard. Please bring your camera, a basket for your eggs and arrive at least 15 minutes prior to 10:30am. To sign up, please call the Athletics Center front desk at 561.864-8551.

Easter Sunday Brunch will be on Sunday, April 20th, in the Main Dining Room from 11:00am to 3:00pm. Adults are $22 and children are $13. Reservations are open and required. Please note that have a smaller number of reservations for the brunch.

Grand Café Sunday Brunch & Lunch – The $15 Brunch includes continental items such as bagels, smoke salmon display, cream cheeses, sliced tomatoes and red onions, fresh fruit, assorted mini yogurts and cold cereals, milk, an omelet station, a waffle bar and juices, coffee, tea and fountain soda. You can add a mimosa to your meal for $2.

For the Boca Pointe Singles, we are planning:
Ø Tuesday, April 29th there will be an Inter-Club (Mingle with singles from many clubs in the area) Spring Mixer at Ibis Country Club from 5:30pm to 8:00pm. Cost is $25 all inclusive which includes live music, complimentary wine and craft beer tasting and hors d’oeuvres. Reservations are required and no cancellations.
Ø Monday, June 2nd there will be an Inter-Club (Boca West, Indian Springs, Boca Lago, Boca Resort, Gleneagles, Addison Reserve, Boca Woods, Polo, Wycliffe, Hunters Run and Broken Sound) Singles Inter-Club Dinner Out at St. Tropez Restaurant at 6:00pm. Dinner includes a soup or salad, a choice of four entrees (Half Roasted Duck, Chicken Mediterranean, Broiled Salmon or Veal Parmigiana), a glass of wine, coffee and dessert. Cost is $33 all inclusive. Please call Reservations for your reservation and choice of entree.
Ø Please check the flyer rack for all the Boca Unos events!

Event reservations can be made online at or by calling Reservations at 561.864.8503. When making your reservation, please provide the names of your entire party (including guests).

What members are saying about our Boca Raton Country Club


If you have wondered why the sun shines so often on Boca Pointe, one reason may be a special asset we have here named Frank Beirne. Frank was born in Ireland and arrived on our shores as a young man of 21. He, his wife and four children lived in Rhode Island and Massachusetts until his retirement from his position as Vice President of Retail Services for National Grid, an electric utility company. He has been with us for 9 years because he loves Boca Pointers…he says we are “unique”. When he is not golfing, fishing or playing with his 2 grandchildren, he serves as a starter on our golf course, always giving us his great Irish smile, a helping hand, a pat on the back; and, if we are lucky, even a hug. We all wish Frank and Christine a very happy 40th anniversary on July first.

Thanks for brightening our days, Frank!!! Please Note: Our first article about Alan Lefkowitz’s heroics inadvertently left out that there was another hero, Harvey Schlissel. He and Alan together saved the day, and we want to recognize Harvey’s effort. Thank you Harvey. We applaud you.”
Ellie Lefkowitz